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Weekly Nintendo News Roundup

Discussion in 'Nintendo - News' started by AutumnWolf, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. AutumnWolf

    AutumnWolf Always tired
    Staff Member Forum Moderator

    May 13, 2018
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    Cooking Mama Cookstar removed from the shop - Cooking Mama Cookstar devs accused Of Cryptomining


    Despite what people may think, it appears there is no need to be alarmed as there is no crypto-mining going on.

    The game was only removed because the developers are having a legal dispute against the publisher of the game.

    An explanation was provided by the game's developer

    Quote from the game's developer's (Source: Screen Rant)

    "The statement about crypto-currency was all buzz words. The head of planet entertainment knows very little about these things... he just put some fancy language to get potential investors who like that stuff. As for the crashes/ overheating. That would be because the game is made in unity. By many people working on their first game... it's not the best product but it made it through several vigorous reviews by Nintendo and Sony. There is no way crypto-mining stuff could get through those tests. I doubt anyone at 1P would even be able to make such a thing."

    "There is a legal battle between the publisher, planet entertainment and the IP holder, office create. Planet Entertainment released the game against a request by office create to keep polishing the game, or perhaps even canceling it."

    "At one point the Japanese office create clients who came to oversee development. An argument started and the clients were told to go home if they weren't being "constructive". Once they found out that planet entertainment released the game, they used their Nintendo contacts to pull it from the e-shop and stop production of cartridges."

    "Overall, everyone at 1p loves the cooking mama franchise and did their best to make the best product considering the interference from the higher-ups. I think the game is far from perfect but would have done fine without the publishers stumbling so constantly..."

    "...We were told the game was coming out in March. That's all anyone knew. The boss at 1P, Tobi, keeps that kind of thing to herself mostly stating she doesn't want to stress us with the details... Advertising was blocked by office create too. There were youtube ads, websites, and even tik-tok ads that never came out."

    The future of Cooking Mama: Cookstar remains uncertain, as the developer ended by saying "As I understand Planet Entertainment is suing office create having it removed for money lost. It's hard to say if it will ever be released properly."

    Trails of Cold Steel IV is coming to Nintendo Switch


    It'll be a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive until 2021, so Switch owners will have to wait to play the game.

    Some fans have voiced their concerns saying they hope the translation is up to standards.

    Mario Galaxy and other Mario games may be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year


    Outlets - Video Game Chronicle, Eurogamer and Gematsu confirmed that this is indeed happening, but again this happened somewhere near April fool's day so don't hold your hopes up.

    Gamevice sues Nintendo over patent infringement allegations yet again


    They've filed a new patent infringement complaint against Nintendo, Gamevice insists that their patent on attachable game controllers is being infringed by Nintendo.

    Megadimension Neptunia VII is coming to Nintendo Switch


    It will arrive sometime this summer and will be available only via the eshop.
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