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PS4 [Released] PS4-Xplorer BETA 1.05 By @Lapy05575948

Discussion in 'PS4 - News' started by GregoryRasputin, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. GregoryRasputin

    GregoryRasputin Asshole
    News and Entertainment

    Mar 14, 2018
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    Lapy has released a new update for his stunning PS4 file manager, the biggest change in this version is it's name, the Homebrew formerly known as Windows Explorer is now known as PS4-Xplorer, here are the changes in this version:


    1.05 change log:

    • change the name to PS4-Xplorer.
    • black list the folder "/dev" and "mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/" to avoid problems. The options in these folders will not be opened.
    • mark in green the folders towards the usb to facilitate the way to the less advanced users.
    • shortcut to usb0 with Left DPad and to usb1 with Right DPad.
    • support to .xml files as flat text.
    • added the Chinese translation.
    • added the Arabic translation.
    • added the Vietnamese translation.

    1.04 change log:

    • show the file size in Kb, Mb or Gb.

    1.03 change log:

    • added the France translation.
    • added the German translation.
    • added the Ukrainian translation.
    • added the Italian translation
    • fix some Japanese characters.

    1.02 change log:

    • added the Japanese translation.

    1.01 change log:

    • prevent the application from freezing when a cut/copy/paste error occurs.
    • added the Portuguese translation.

    1.00 change log:

    • initial release with Spanish and English translation.

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  2. m0nadpr0xy

    m0nadpr0xy Omnivoid
    Staff Member Forum Moderator

    Jul 10, 2018
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    Moved to the PlayStation 4 News forum as this certainly isn't for the PS VITA.
  3. jimmy777

    DKS Member

    Feb 2, 2019
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    Is this uploaded anywhere else? Zippyshare has recently blocked uk users apparently