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PS4 [Released] El Pollo 2.0 By Lapy

Discussion in 'PS4 - News' started by GregoryRasputin, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. GregoryRasputin

    GregoryRasputin Asshole
    News and Entertainment

    Mar 14, 2018
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    Cuban developer Lapy who in the past few weeks has released El Pollo which is a Flappy Bird clone and Save The Scene a unique homebrew that sees you saving several members of the PlayStation and Nintendo scenes from bombs dropping on them, has released a brand new game.


    The game called El Pollo 2.0 is a cross between "Helicopter" and "Flappy Bird", the game is fun but if you suck like me, then it can be quite frustrating, which this gameplay video by me highlights:

    Here is a quote from the developer:

    El Pollo 2.0
    • It is a homebrew game made with Unity 2017.2.0p2 compiled as fake pkg using the RetroGamer74 tutorial (https://github.com/RetroGamer74/HowToBuildWithUnityPS4FakePKG).
    • Also compile a version for Windows.
    • It is based on a flash game called "Helicopter"
    • Some images are from the Rovio® Angry Birds game, and the theme song is from the movie "Black Hawk Down".
    • The controls of the game are very simple: keep pressing any button to go up and release it to go down, it works with either mouse, keyboard or gamepad.
    • It is translated into Spanish and English. Spanish for those who have the console or Windows in Spanish, and in English for all other configurations.
    • The game saves in both versions the highest score achieved and has an anti-cheat system.
    • Thanks for downloading and enjoy it. I hope to see images of captures of the best scores.
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