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News PS5 and XBOX 2 Reveal Dates

Discussion in 'PlayStation - Discussions' started by Hansika Motwani, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Hansika Motwani

    Hansika Motwani Uploader

    Apr 17, 2018
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    The announcement of the PS5 and Xbox Two will be held at the international game exhibition E3 2020


    The current eighth generation of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles is living its last years, which will soon be replaced by the ninth in the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5. According to IDC analyst Lewis Ward, the announcement of the new consoles is not far off and it will take place very soon.
    Ward's research indicates that the official announcement of the PS5 and Xbox Two will take place at the international gaming exhibition E3 2020. The data coincides with reports that Sony will miss the big game show in 2019 to prepare for the grandiose display of game consoles of a new generation in a year.
    PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two amateur concepts
    E3 2019 itself will be a "modest event" in the world of gaming consoles, which will feature updated equipment and a small list of exclusive AAA level projects.

    Lewis Ward also commented on the rumors about the likely resurgence of Sony's portable gaming consoles, such as the PS Vita 2. Similar rumors did not appear from scratch, given the success of the Nintendo Switch. Many have wondered if Sony and Microsoft will use a similar approach, because portable gaming is now at the peak of popularity?

    According to Ward, the new ninth generation of game consoles "will not have built-in screens" and will retain built-in "optical disc drives" without actively using streaming gaming services, focusing on 4K 60 FPS.

    Now, according to an expert, Sony and Microsoft’s partner developers have already received equipment for developing games for the powerful Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 gaming consoles, and are actively developing video games for them. Considering that Sony does not just let E3 2019 pass through, then after a year and a half something truly awesome is waiting for us.
    Recall that the technical characteristics of the PlayStation 5 were declassified earlier. At the same time, Microsoft is secretly developing a new-generation game console

    The Xbox Two reportedly codenamed as “Scarlett” or “Scarlet” is expected to be this next big console from Microsoft to rival against Sony’s upcoming next-gen hardware. With that, both the gaming community and tech enthusiasts alike are all excited for Microsoft’s future console and are wondering about its release date, price tag, specs, and features.

    The Xbox Two Scarlett is reportedly going to be released in 2020. Meanwhile, its also speculates that it could be released on November 15, 2020, or perhaps sooner.

    Thanks to uzzhan_01 for the news.
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