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PS3 Bobby_Downgrades Releases Various 4.84 CFW's

Discussion in 'PS3 - News' started by GregoryRasputin, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. GregoryRasputin

    GregoryRasputin Asshole
    News and Entertainment

    Mar 14, 2018
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    If any of you keep up with the PS3 scene, you will have known that Sony released firmware 4.84, i do not know why they did it, because it didn't fix any stability issues nor did it patch any exploits.


    As with most OFW releases on the PS3, we also get a CFW equivalent, which is exactly what Bobby_Downgrades has done with his various variations of his CFW which he calls "Overflow", they are as follows:

    • 4.84 Overflow v1 standard cex edition
    • 4.84 Overflow v2 dualboot edition
    • 4.84 Overflow v3 standard cex noBD edition
    • 4.84 Overflow v4 standard cex noBT edition
    • 4.84 Overflow v5 cobra 7.55 cex edition
    • 4.84 Overflow v6 cobra 7.55 cex noBD edition
    • 4.84 Overflow v7 cobra 7.55 cex noBT edition
    What each of them do can been seen at the source:
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  2. FiSh.PaSte

    DKS Member

    Sep 1, 2018
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    But will we ever see another Dex CFW again, Probably not...