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@LightningMods has released 25 December 2018 for [PS4] File Manager BETA.
This a standalone FS Manager with this being said the differs from the one in OrbisMAN in terms of resources used (25% less) and more features.

Spoiler thread.​
LibOrbis PKG/USB Loader

How it works.

PKG -> eboot starts PRX -> PRX recursively searches for homebrew.elf in a sandbox -> find it then allocates memory etc -> launches elf -> elf loads the assets (which are hardcoded in the elf when you make it) -> finish loading.


USB is the priority so if you have homebrew.elf on USB ROOT ONLY it will load it first.

This way it can load the homebrew.elf with ANY Title ID as there are no hardcoded paths.

it's a PRX cuz I'm the lazy :P source is below tho.

How do you use it?

you can Download the binaries here as here are the instructions.

1. if you wanna Use ANY Assets in your Homebrew do either.



Similar for .mods (see lib source for details).

Lib functions names may change in the feature but rn it is that.

To be spoiler content.
Recently Weysincha saw one of Shiningami's old projects of a dynamic trainer for PS4. It was still in a really early state of development and not quite functional yet.

Weysincha asked me to create a new project like that and here we are now. We put together a community trainer to which people can submit cheats for any game and they are tested in a small team. If there are no issues with the cheats, they are added to the trainer, giving credit to the original cheat creator.



Whats so special about that community trainer ?
All of the cheat information is stored on a server and can be updated in real time.
That means we can add cheats for a game and every user can instantly see that game and start cheating on it, without downloading any updates!

Getting Started
1. Change the ip address in the settings tab to your ps4 ip address.

2. Load up a .bin loader on your ps4 console and inject the payload in the sidebar menu.

3. Load hen (homebrew enabler) if you plan to use this with fake packages.

4. Click on the trainer tab in the sidebar and the trainer information will be downloaded.
This step can take a bit longer if you do this for the first time. The images are saved locally and the next time you load the trainer list, it will be a lot faster.

5. Select the game you want to cheat on and have some fun!

Make sure to join our discord server so you don't miss any updates!
You will also get support in the discord server if you need any help with the trainer.

Spoiler thread.

Good news for PS4 4.74 kexploit has released, who people are unable to update 5.05 or high firmware, because of PS4 blu-ray was broken on 4.74.

Now that PS4 4.74 kexploit was released by CelesteBlue123 from twitter.

Click to this link after this site will load on your PS4 4.74 kexploit to be successful + access fully debug mode.

This program allows you to mount save data as READ/WRITE

You can
  • Make decrypted copies of your saves
  • Replace saves with modified ones
  • Replace save files with someonelse's save files (share saves)
  • PS4 5.05
  • FTP Client

  • Fixed bug to make R/W Work

  1. Load ps4debug
  2. Start a game
  3. Load FTP
  4. Open the tool
  5. Enter the ip of your ps4 and press click 'Connect'
  6. Click 'Refresh Processes' and select your game in the combobox
  7. Click 'Setup'
  8. Click 'Find Dirs'
  9. Select the save you want to mount in the combobox
  10. Select the mount permission in the combobox (default is READ ONLY)
  11. Click 'Mount'
  12. Your save is now mounted in /mnt/pfs/ & in /mnt/sandbox/{title}/savedataX
  13. After you're done copying/replacing files click 'Unmount'
Some games use another save format, they have an sce_ prefix in their name. they won't show up as search results
This can probably be patched but I was too lazy Here's a workaround

  1. go to /user/home/{userid}/savedata/{titleid}
  2. make a copy of the sce save: 2 files, the bin file(96KB), the sdimg file
  3. rename them
    "sce_sdmemory.bin" -> "temp.bin"
    "sdimg_sce_sdmemory" -> "sdimg_temp"
  4. go to /system_data/savedata/{userid}/db/user and download the database.db file
  5. open it with an sqlite editor
  6. add a new record in the savedata table
  7. fill in the data and you're done
  8. replace the original database with the newer one
  9. Click 'find dirs' again, it should now add a temp entry in the combobox
  10. proceed as usual
  11. go to /user/home/{userid}/savedata/{titleid}
    • delete the original sce_sdmemory.bin and sdimg_sce_sdmemory
    • rename temp.bin to sce_sdmemory.bin and temp to sdimg_sce_sdmemory
  12. replace the modified database with the original one
  13. you're done
Spoiler thread.
Today, We heard from XSEED announced on twitter, they said sony has refused to release, after sony requesting a removal of Intimacy Mode on PS4 Version.

But Nintendo and Steam did not removal. You're very disappointed in this.

Omega Labyrinth Z Western release on PS4 and PSVITA was canceled from July 2018. They said, "promotes the sexualization of children". We may still think that is wrong on Sony.

If you see that tweet was helping to support Anime uncensored release on PS4 Version, who people don't like censorship.

If you want to support that. Visit this: https://www.change.org/p/sony-towards-sony-their-new-policies

Hey everyone, We got received from PSN JP (Not UK is another from user posted).
Screenshot mine here,
Register or to view Spoiler content!

Alright, we heard from user source said,
Would you change your PSN Username lost anything content, dlc, etc or stay old username with all content, dlc, etc, anything?
-Please leave your vote our poll.
PS4 RiPKiT/Modding Tool By RiPPERD

This is now fully working!

Usages of this tool:
The main reason for this tool is to make RipKits (smaller game files with things riped out) this is usually language files, videos etc.
However another use is users that dont know how to modify games, add cheats/mod menus, files etc now can... so with the devs/modders posting their patch files made by this tool you will be able to just click a buttom and enjoy modded games... This could be Loads of ammo... Infinite Health... Debug menus etc via either modded eboot.bin file or modded game files.

PLEASE NOTE: Compressing/Making patch file may take a long time depending on your specs!
The app CANNOT crash so just wait!
Decompressing/Applying patch will be a LOT faster than making the patches!
Again the app CANNOT crash!

What does this tool do?
Its an AIO patcher to release a patch file instead of users downloading whole games again.
Back in the PSP and PS3 days this is how RipKits were made... ive made it slightly different now due to windows 10 and other requirements that only work on older versions.

Spoiler a thread.....​

Screenshot made by @LightningMods


41455445.png 455454545445.png
4.55 & 5.05 Supported (FW Auto-Detect)

  1. File Manager.
  2. Syscall 9 (sys_unjail).
  3. JKPatch RPC Server.
  4. Autoload settings.
  5. Remote PKG installer server.
  6. USB ELF Loader.
  7. Remote Play Patches (no IDU).
  8. New Icons with White text.
  9. for a full List of new features look at the changelog below.

(Updated) Tool Box - Sub Menus
+Section 1

  1. Enable and Disable Background Music (selection saved as a Gamesave).
  2. Enable/disabled JKPatch Autoload.
  3. Enable/disabled FTP Autoload.
  4. Credits.

+ Section 2 (Kernel Menu)
  1. Kernel Dumper.
  2. Key dumping (PSID, Partial IDPS, EAP Key) - ALL will be written to USB0.
  3. Spoof Target Id (Devkit, TestKit, Retail).
  4. Spoof FW (9.99, 5.55, Restore 5.05).
  5. UART (On, Off).

+ Section 3 (HDD Menu) - USB0 ONLY!
  1. Backup and restore App.db.
  2. Remote Play Patches
  3. Decrypt and Dump FS (Reboot Required to avoid System problems).
  4. Dump misc (notifcation.db, SceShellCore).
  5. System Partition R/W (On/Off).

+ Section 4 (Misc)
  1. Linux Loader.
  2. Reboot to Recovery.
  3. Remove Parent Controls.
  4. Update Blocker LITE (On/Off).
  5. Wipe notifications.

+ Section 5 (Game)
  1. Lightbar changer (Green, Blue and Red).
  2. PKG Server Start.
  3. USB ELF Loader.

PKG Installer Server
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Useful Programs
- RPI Test for Windows by Al Azif

https://github.com/Sc0rpion/RPI_GUI - RPI_GUI by Sc0rpion

To load a SELF (Sighed ELF) you don't need to run HEN 1.8 first as the HB auto applies the 1.8 Patches however it might fail to load the first time as the app need to be re-launched for the patches to take effect.

For the Loader to read the SELF it needs to be named as one of the following,
  • load.self
  • load.elf
  • load.bin
And be on USB ROOT.

And if your .SELF needs any assets to make a folder called "assets" on USB root and copy to there and it will auto-copy the assets.

Remote Play Patches
These Hook certain PS4 pieces to working without PSN but it also fakes IDU mode which means its not IDU but the PS Button doesn't work at first so I suggest doing this.
  • Goto settings -> remote play -> add new device -> connect -> reboot - re-connect with everything working normally.

Spoiler thread.​
PS4 Database Rebuilder by @Zer0xFF

One of the greatest developers in the PlayStation 4 Hacking & Homebrew scene has released a very handy tool called PS4 Database Rebuilder.

The tool will rebuild your database and at the same time readd any fpkg you had before the rebuild to the database and this makes it very superior to Sony's database rebuild program.


How to use - Spoiler thread.