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Cuban developer has updated his awesome PS4 filemanager to version 1.04, the updates include:

This will be the last time i post about "Windows Explorer" as the developer will be releasing 1.05 tomorrow which will feature a new name for the application, grab the download in the embedded Tweet or wait for tomorrows version: View Forum Article For Download...

Sony has officially announced plans to fully discontinue shipments of the PlayStation Vita in Japan this year, a statement which came a couple of months after they had announced the discontinuation of game cartridge production for the system. Now, as of March 1st 2019, the official pages for the remaining 2 models which were being produced, the PCH-2000 ZA11 (black) and PCH-2000 ZA23 (aqua blue), have been appended with the statement "shipment ended", now meaning that no further systems are being manufactured at all.
The Vita was launched in December 2011, enduring a fluctuating amount of praise and support until it was gradually abandoned by Sony and major AAA title developers in just a mere few years. Fortunately, the flourishing amount of third-party support in which the Vita had gained over the years just showed how spectacular the system could still be in the current generation.

Source: PlayStation Japan - Vita Product Line-up
Lapy the developer of Save The Scene and El Pollo games has released a homebrew application and despite its strange name, it is actually a PS4 Homebrew.

Windows Explorer is a file manager for the PS4, it lets you do a whole bunch of file management with actions such as the ability to copy, paste and delete files, you can also listen your favourite music directly from the application whilst you are browsing your files and you can also use it as an image viewer, here is a quote from the developer:
As stated in the title, this homebrew is a Beta and as such has some problems, such as video having no sound which is noted by the developer, however through testing i found some problems myself and i will list them below to help the developer improve the application:
  • Movement is fast - I am not sure if this is a bug or something set to personal preference, but i found going through the files and such were quite fast as well as navigating the menu that contains the copy/paste functions being fast.
  • Large Image Files - I am not sure if this is a bug or something to do with memory limitations, but trying to view large image files is a slow process, after selecting the image it takes a few seconds to show, also viewing some large images causes the app to crash, this only happened to one of the image files though.
  • Weird Copy/Paste Bug - The first time i tried copying a file and pasting it on my Thumb Drive, the application showed an error, then crashed/froze.
Everything i have spoken about can be viewed in the video below:

Keep in mind that this version is a beta and problems will occur, to report any problem alert the developer here:

Finally before clicking the link to download below, please be aware:
Lets get down to business first:


All the source code iv ever gotten from anyone for ANY of my homebrew has been on this URL https://darksoftware.xyz/HomebrewThnx, you can also find it under settings in OrbisMAN, i like to have everything in the open incase some person tried to start drama so i have proof i talked about it publicly same reason why i tweet what im working on and ask for feedback constantly.. with his logic Kiwidog has also *stole* code from places like the freebsd man, or the freebsd repo.. i know weird how double standards work?, also note i made Homebrew Apps like Orbisman and fs manager but i dont know basic C? how is that possible



iv NEVER promoted my site on his discord other then sharing news topics or FW Archive iv never said "heres my piracy site"

Also all my code works fine i have a LIST of homebrew tester heres some screenshots from the Homebrew room



i could go on


iv NEVER Collected or uploaded ANY console info in any of my software and if anyone says i have is LYING, OrbisMAN and FS Manager (besides FTP) dont have ANY Network functions at all,




FIRST the insurance was $300 not $500 and heres my convo with that Dev (which whom is my freind)


I told him before i shipped it to him i ran out of tape, i didnt wanna go to the store in 1 or 2 days to buy more tape that my bad but he knew


i told him ill give him the refund and he gets to keep the ps4 and the pi zero soldered, no harm he gets a free PS4 and pi zero and refund


ALL these ScreenShots are me just bouncing around different security measures i could do in my new Homebrew Store to ban those that exploit it NOTHING More like i said im always looking...
I am sure by now many of you have heard about a demo called P.T, the game was to be the next Silent Hill game for the PS4 and was being made by Hideo Kojima, news emerged of how badly Konami was treating it's employees, Silent Hill got cancelled and Kojima left the company.

However things would take a more sinister turn, Konami tried to delete all existence of P.T from the internet, Sony removed the ability to download the demo from the PS Store and the only way for PS4 owners to enjoy it was via a hacked PS4.

But these type of obstacles inspire people to do awesome things, someone created a version of the demo for PC owners and recently VitaHeX released a version of the demo for PS Vita owners, here is a quote from the developer:
View Forum Article For Download...
In the past twenty four hours @pearlxcore has released version 2 and version 3 of his PKG Tool GUI.

Here are the changes in these versions:

  • now pkg labeled with its category (game/patch/addon) preventing error while renaming

  • Add name format selection

View Forum Article For Download...
There are a few ways of installing homebrew applications on the PS4, we can use a Thumb Drive/External HDD and we can use @flatz remote PKG method which @TOXXIC407 has utilised to make a homebrew store, both these methods require some sort of external addition, USB of course is the Thumb Drive and Toxxic's PS Store require external access via a PC/Tablet/Phone.

@LightningMods_ tweeted about an application he was working on Twitter last week:

Store is a homebrew store created with Liborbis and lets you download homebrew directly to your PS4 without any additional devices, it works just like a normal game would from the Official PS Store, the game gets downloaded and installed:


Whilst i do think the app is a great idea and runs quickly, there are a couple of gripes i have, the text on the "home screen" messes with my eyes, it has 3D or double vision effect and when selecting which homebrew you want to install, a small purple square floats about the screen, it is an alpha, so perhaps these problems will not exist in the final release.

Direct download to your PS4.

Slow, but then it is an alpha and hopefully it gets optimised to run quicker.

Most North American Nintendo fans will be familiar with the name of Reggie Fils-Aime, the current head of Nintendo of America. It appears that his body is no longer ready, however, as 2019 will be his last year with the company. On April 15, he will retire from his position at Nintendo, and will be replaced by Doug Bowser, the VP of sales and marketing. Reggie began work at NOA 15 years ago, starting as the VP of marketing in 2003, and quickly rising to the rank of president in 2006, becoming well known to fans in the region through his personality and jokes during conferences and Nintendo Direct videos.

After more than 15 notable years at Nintendo of America, and nearly 13 as its President and COO, Reggie Fils-Aime will retire. His last day with Nintendo will be April 15. Doug Bowser, NOA’s current Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, will then succeed Reggie as President of Nintendo of America.

“I really appreciate everything Reggie has done for Nintendo,” said Shuntaro Furukawa, President of Nintendo Co., Ltd. “Inside and outside our company, Reggie is known as an exceptional leader. We are grateful that he is leaving the business in good shape with strong momentum. While we will miss him and we wish him the very best in his retirement, we are also pleased to have such an able successor ready to step into that role. Doug Bowser and the rest of the team will ensure a seamless transition and continued momentum for Nintendo.”

“Nintendo owns a part of my heart forever,” Fils-Aime said. “It’s a part that is filled with gratitude – for the incredibly talented people I’ve worked with, for the opportunity to represent such a wonderful brand, and most of all, to feel like a member of the world’s most positive and enduring gamer community. As I look forward to departing in both good health and good humor, this is not ‘game over’ for me, but instead ‘leveling up’ to more time with my...​
I am sure many of you older readers owned a Nokia mobile phone and spent hours playing an addictive game called Snake, back then it was the height of mobile entertainment outside of owning a Gameboy.

Now you can relive the glory days, by playing Grzybojad iteration of this timeless classic, this game has so many game modes and options that you will be able to play for hours, here is what is new in this version:
  • Added 4 new game modes
  • Added effects to the collectable
  • You can control the snake using the back touch panel
  • Added a random splash text to main menu
  • Added a mushroom collectable
  • The game is now framerate independent
  • Added 4x MSAA
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Small usability improvements
  • Small visual tweaks

Here is a gameplay video:
View Forum Article For Download...
If any of you keep up with the PS3 scene, you will have known that Sony released firmware 4.84, i do not know why they did it, because it didn't fix any stability issues nor did it patch any exploits.

As with most OFW releases on the PS3, we also get a CFW equivalent, which is exactly what Bobby_Downgrades has done with his various variations of his CFW which he calls "Overflow", they are as follows:

  • 4.84 Overflow v1 standard cex edition
  • 4.84 Overflow v2 dualboot edition
  • 4.84 Overflow v3 standard cex noBD edition
  • 4.84 Overflow v4 standard cex noBT edition
  • 4.84 Overflow v5 cobra 7.55 cex edition
  • 4.84 Overflow v6 cobra 7.55 cex noBD edition
  • 4.84 Overflow v7 cobra 7.55 cex noBT edition
What each of them do can been seen at the source: View Forum Article For Download...