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April the 1st is known in most places as "April Fools Day", it's the day when you can play a prank on someone, then you and that person can laugh about it after when you realise how stupid and silly the prank was, you see that is the whole point, a little bit of harmless fun, but Sony takes that crap to a whole other level and basically uses the day as a "**** You Fan's" day.

Lest take a trip down memory lane with this one, on the 1st of April 2010, Sony released firmware 3.21, this firmware was the OtherOS killer, after months of telling us they would support OtherOS, the bitches turned round and said "**** you PS3 owners, we taking yo crap", then we move a little in time to 2015, when Sony switched off PS Home, now there are probably other shitty things they have done on this date, but lets talk about April 1st 2019.

Sony has stated that they will stop selling digital download's via retailers, from that date you will no longer be able to get a game in digital format from any retailer, this is a bad thing as it will stop people getting these games at a cheaper price, especially at places like CDKeys, we will still be able to buy digital currency via retailers, though Sony are the shady type of company that would stop that too, here is a quote from the source:

Notable non shitty occurrences for this date:
2012 -...
Leeful one of the developers behind X-Project has released his own Exploit Host software, it is something he had been working on before he started to collaborate with DefaultDNB on X-Project, here is a quote from the source:

View Forum Article For Download...
This old patent from Sony which was originally filed back in 2015 and published in 2016 was renewed on the 26th of March 2019, now there seems to be a bit of confusion over what this patent is, with some websites claiming that it is for trading digital games, which is not the case.

This patent is for a device like an amiibo which you can scan into a game, then if you wish you can trade the digital copy of that "amiibo", here is a description of the patent:
Have you ever had a yearning to shove a vibrating controller shaped rainbow in your ass? If your answer is yes, then this new version of PS Vibe by Al Azif will be right up your back alley, of course this app does have other uses not affiliated with your ass, you could open your own night club and have several PS4 controller strobing away to the beat of the music, the choices and possibilities are endless. View Forum Article For Download...

Today at PSX-place @joonie Released what is a huge surprise to everyone on the *unhackable* super slim and other models with this FW modification

heres what it says

Google is hosting a special gaming announcement set to take place at this year's GDC 2019. It's finally time to see what the company has up its sleeves, and what they have planned for the future in regards to gaming. The stream is now live, and you can watch the above video, or check back here to read GBAtemp's live updates.

Google wishes to build a game platform for everyone, bringing together all forms of gamers. This has been named the Stadia.

The Google Stadia will run on as many platforms as possible, from the Chromecast, to Android, to PCs, where games will be streamed using Google's low latency technology.

When watching games on YouTube, you'll be able to click a single "play now" button to instantly try any supported game in your browser, without downloading, without updating, or without any interruptions.

The goal is to lower the barrier to entry, so that gaming is more accessible.

Google will also be making their own controller which will connect through wifi to the host game session in order to reduce input lag. There will be a share button and a Google Assistant feature.

Right now, Stadia supports 1080/60, but at launch, it will support 4K, and even 8K.

Unreal, Havok, and Unity engines will support the hardware, which will run off Linux. Each game will run off of Google's data centers.

ID Software has gotten their upcoming DOOM Eternal working on the Google Stadia, and will be bringing it to the platform.

Google will also have its own first party development studio, Stadia Entertainment, which will create games for the platform.​

The developer AlexAltea (Alexandro Sanchez) has uploaded a video showcasing some very interesting developments made to his own PS4 emulator called "Orbital". The major feature being showcased, however, is the emulator being able to output graphics for the first time, which is made possible thanks to a reimplementation of the PS4 GPU graphics pipeline and a recompiler for AMD'S GCN bytecode.

In the aforementioned video Orbital is shown booting a PS4 5.XX kernel into safe mode and displaying a CE-343XX error, which can be taken as reminder of how it's still not meant for users at the moment as it's not able to emulate a working system just yet, let alone play any kind of games. However, the feat becomes quite impressive when taking into account that the error refers to a HDD failure, something the dev was expecting as the emulator was not booted with a valid HDD image, and also how the project has only been in development for a little more than a year.

If you need some background information on Orbital, it's an open-source PS4 low level emulator which is currently being tested with 4.55 and 5.00 decrypted kernels. The project is different from other console emulators as it's virtualization-based, something made possible by the custom x86 CPU found inside Sony's system and it consists of a fork of GRUB modified to boot PS4 targets (orbital-grub), a SeaBIOS fork for PS4 hardware (orbital-bios) and a fork of QEMU with Aeolia (APU) and Liverpool (Coprocessor\Southbridge) support (orbital-qemu).

If you happen to enjoy inserting controllers in your butt, like to see controllers vibrate or like to give the motors on the controller a workout, then this app is for you.

This was quite a popular application back in the PS3 days.

You will need this application to get it working: View Forum Article For Download...
The last time i posted about PS4 Xplorer it was on version 1.05, that was just a little over a week ago and today we see the release of version 1.09.

This version add's .json support which was suggested by @TOXXIC407 as well as a lot more language translations, full change log:

  • supported .json files (@TOXXIC_407 idea)

  • Persian by @SCORPION1399
  • Russian by @nikita_krapivin
  • Turkish by KemalSanli
  • Polish by Bandzior
  • Swedish by ?
  • Catalan by @pplatoonn
  • Danish by @Robhood19_
  • Greek by ?
  • Indonesian by @Dhadan_Mirdan

View Forum Article For Download...

Super Real Mahjong PV has only been available on Nintendo Switch for a matter of days, but the game has already been pulled from the eShop after several scenes of nudity were spotted by players.

Super Real Mahjong is a series of arcade mahjong titles made by SETA Corporation, with many of its games being ported to the Sega Saturn (although some did make it to the Super Famicom, too). PV is a port of Super Real Mahjong P5, and it recently launched on the Japanese Switch eShop.

Nudity is featured throughout the series' arcade releases, so the Switch port has been heavily censored with beams of light being used to hide any offending material. These lights can be seen in various scenes contained with the game.various scenes contained with the game.

Unfortuantely, these beams weren't always 100% accurate in their placement, resulting in certain graphical details slipping through when they should have been fully covered. You can see an example here via Twitter user, QzakuSEGA (but be warned that the image featured may not be suitable for everyone, and is certainly NSFW).

The team behind the Switch release, Mighty Craft Co., has now issued an official statement on the matter, informing fans that the entire game is being corrected and will be once again sent to Nintendo for re-examination. Mighty Craft hopes to have the game back on the eShop next week.

Of course, the question remains: how did the game get by Nintendo's quality assurance in the first place? We'll leave...
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