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Often called a Breath Of The Wild clone or the anime version of Breath Of The Wild, "Geishin Impact" is coming to Nintendo Switch.


A teaser dropped a few days ago.

You can check it out here:

The game will also be heading to Mobile devices and PC.


You can register now for a chance try out the closed beta here:


The game doesn't have yet a set release date.


NIS America announced a few minutes ago that Prinny 1 and 2 are getting a remake, both games will be included in "Prinny 1•2".


The game is set to release some time this year and will be a Nintendo Switch Exclusive.


The game will feature updated graphics.


Ready for Prinny, "Dood"?

That's it for now.​

Review code provided by Blue Wizard.

"Paddle your balls!"


"The year is 3XXX... the world is consumed by chaos..."

No wait, that's not it.



Gather powerups and obtain new skills, prepare for the most intense game of pong ever!

That's right, Hypergalactic Psychic Table Tennis 3000 is a modernized take on the classic game, it plays like pong but has a bunch of RPG elements thrown in, for example, you can obtain abilities like for example the ability to throw fireballs at your enemies, the ability to heal your paddle or you can unlock a shield, the ability to walk on water or even the ability to move your paddle on every direction, pretty crazy stuff.


You and your enemies have health bars if your life or your enemy's is depleted your/their paddle will explode and they/you will be left wide open.

Sometimes stages have water, lava, portals, bumpers or slime scattered around, bumpers can explode too if they suffer too much damage, the level you play on seems to be random.

Make sure to use the elements present on each level to your advantage.

There are many bosses and enemies you can fight, they come in different shapes and sizes, some are faster, some are smart, some are not, this makes for variable gameplay.


The things I liked:

-The narrator sounds cool

-The messages in-between levels are really funny

-The music is rather interesting, it reminds me in a way of the Music in Luigi's Mansion

-The gameplay is addictive


-The game poses a bit of a challenge

-The game gets...​

"What?" I hear you say.

That's right, Castlevania Symphony of the Night is now available on iOS and Android devices.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night has been re-released on multiple occasions and now it's on mobile phones.


The game has controller support and is just 3$.


You can get it here:


The game seems to be identical to the PS4 release of SOTN.​

After having left digital storefronts on August of last year - Ducktales Remastered is back on Steam, the Nintendo e-shop (Wii U), PSN (PS3) and the Xbox Marketplace (Xbox 360)


It's still unclear why it left digital storefronts in the first place but you can now get it if you still don't own the game

(Ducktales Remastered was developed by Wayforward and published by Capcom.)

You can get the game here:


For just 10$ you can now get your hands on Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition.

You can get it here:

You can check out a trailer of the game here:

Other games in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection will get a beta test prior to their official launch so make sure to stay tuned for more on that later.

If you buy the collection now you won't have access to all the games until a later date.

Will you be getting this game or will you wait for the whole collection to come out?


Let us know.​

Nintendo just released a new firmware update for the Nintendo Switch.

Here's the official changelog

Ver. 9.2.0 (Released March 2, 2020)

-General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience

It seems like this is just a minor update.

If you want to access the e-shop you'll have to update your system.

For more info check out Nintendo's official website.


The demo seems to be pretty much the same as the one that was leaked not too long ago.


If you download the demo now you will also get a free PS4 theme (offer available until May 11th)


The first part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is set to release on April 10th and will be a PS4 exclusive.


Are you ready to enter the world of Final Fantasy 7 again?


What are your thoughts on the game coming out in parts?

Banner2to1-2000x1000 (1).jpg
(Review code provided by PigeonDev)

Will you help Bucket Knight pay off his loan?

Bucket Knight is an indie run and gun game, the game takes about 1 hour to beat, maybe 2 if you wanna kill every enemy and collect every fruit, you know, to get a bit of extra juice out of the game (get it?).


The premise of the game is simple, Bucket Knight has to pay his loan, so he heads out on an adventure to find the holy grail and use it to pay off his loan.

The game is divided by levels, some have you kill enemies while you search for the exit, some have you climb to the top while you escape deadly saws, some make you collect keys and kill monsters. And others have you dodging deadly saws, all while collecting coins and fruits.

"Knights still have to pay taxes"


Onto the things I liked:

-The game has very pretty pixel graphics.

-The premise is simple and the end of our journey is very satisfactory.

-Many different enemies.

-The music is great.

-The stages where you have to climb to the top while you escape a row of saws filled me with excitement.

-You can buy different weapons with the money you get along the way.

20200301_233722.png 20200301_233710.png 20200301_233649.png

And now for the things I didn't like

-Buying other weapons didn't make much of an impact as weapons don't feel that much powerful than others.

-You can't shoot up or down, only forwards.

-There were a few minor glitches here and there.

-Some levels were too similar to each other and there wasn't much variety.

-The game is just too short but maybe that's for the best...

-While some enemies had different designs they acted the same or very similar to other enemies.

Levels take quite a while to load which I find weird.

Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Music: 8/10
Fun factor: 6/10
Level of engagement:...

So you wanted more Castlevania? Netflix's got you covered.


A new season is coming out very soon, the first episode of season 3 is set to release on March 5th.

This new season will have 10 episodes, the previous season only had 8 and the very first season only had 4.


According to Netflix, Season 3 will feature
"More mystery, murder, mayhem, and vampires than ever."

What are your thoughts on 'Castlevania: The Netflix Series'?

Let us know​
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