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Some months back, Sony promised the release of one of the most requested features for PSN for many years: The ability to change your PSN ID. After a few months, and some testing with the PS4 Preview Program, Sony has announced today that finally, all users will be able to change their PSN IDs later today, April 10th, 2019.

Along with the announcement, Sony released a small FAQ that answers many questions about how online ID changes will work, notably:​
  • The first name change will be free, with any preceding name changes costing $9.99, or $4.99 if you're a PS+ subscriber.​
  • Old IDs are not freed for other users to chose.​
  • You can revert your new ID to your old one for free, if you don't like your new one.​

As noted previously by Sony, there are some caveats with changing your PSN ID: some online games may not function correctly with your new online ID, with no guarantees for any game released before April 1st, 2018. Sony has released a list of games with no issues, and those with some known issues, which can be found here.

The ability to change your username will become available later today, likely around the time Sony updates the PSN Store, and can be done either directly on your PS4 or via any web browser by logging into your PSN profile.

How to Host your own CDN/Store


CDN Stands for... content delivery network


A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver pages and other Web content to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server.


1. Starter Pack Uploaded Below
2. either a Website or Local Host setup
3. The knowledge that any new page you add has to be in multiples of [8] Titles/HB/Games
4. This Guide


First off here are so Keys points you need to remember

-1. Make sure to edit the main_app.json too for your hosting backgrounds etc

0. Extract the WHOLE Zip to your website or server ROOT (unless you wanna include folder name in your URL)

1. ALL titles need 2 Pics (PNGs ONLY) one for the Menu and one for the Download Page


Title Pic - 122 x 125

Download Page - 263 x270

2. Character Limites, If you don't follow these guidelines part of your name may be cut down to follow them

Title Menu - 20 Characters

Download Page - 23 Characters

Description 1-3 - 27 Characters

3. JSON entries CANNOT be Swapped or re-ordered

4. ALL New Page MUST contain 8 Entries at a time unless you want blank spots on your Menu Page and ALL new pages MUST be named homebrew-page[next number].json

Step One

In the included JSON pages...
I have always enjoyed interviews with scene developers, i held a couple of interviews myself back when i wrote for PS3HaX.

Last night RetroGamer74 held an interview with PS4 scene developer @m0rph3us1987, what made this stand out from the others, is the fact that it was a video interview instead of the usually text based interview.

Many things were discussed such as the future of PS4 exploits, here is a transcript of the questions:

1. Hi m0rph3us, and thanks for joining us today in our live stream. How are you bro?

2. We followed you live in this channel in the 35C3 conference ( youtube.com/watch?v=_a4wZl… ). You talked us about the big effort you did in the beginning of the scene. What’s m0rph3us doing today? Keep working in PS4, other scene, other hardware?

3. Unity with ROOT escalation privileges, liborbis with ORBISLINK for debugging, OpenGL support… what happens in the PS4 Scene?. Is “boring” the right word for home-brew developers?

4. Some weeks ago, using the fail0verflow info related to Aeloia southbridge appears into the scene several tools, one of them to allow to flash the PS4 firmware. From your technical point of view, the current PS4 hack, was the easiest to find, or we got the best we could

5. We were surprised some weeks ago when SpecterDev released the Webkit Exploit for 6.20. Do you think is there still interest to keep on working for PS4?

6. I got too much respect for people doing reverse engineering because I’m pretty aware it is very hard. How did you start?

7. PS4 Homebrew practically does not exist. Are you disappointed to see the current status of PS4 scene?

8. Is PS4’s hack just for piracy?

9. Keeping the hack in private means fear of sony?

10. We are too close to the PS4’s end of life. What do you expect for the end? Any final surprise?

11. PS3 had a very good scene....

Last Tuesday on the 2nd of April Microsoft officially released visual studio 2019
  • It is easier to clone a Git repo or open an existing project. It is also easier to start a new project through improvements made to the template selection screen.​
  • The Snapshot Debugger, for debugging applications in the Azure cloud, adds support for Azure Kubernetes Service and Virtual Machine Scale Set.​
  • For debugging, data breakpoints for .Net Core apps help developers break only on value changes they are looking for.​
  • For debugging, there is AI-assisted code completion for Visual Studio IntelliCode.​
  • Developers can access hosted repos from Azure devops services through the Start window.​
  • Developers can install extensions for other source-control hosts to view repos owned by the developer or the developer’s organization.​
  • Updates are downloaded in the background, when the host machine is idle. When downloads are complete, users get a notification that the download is ready to be installed.​
  • Performance improvements in stepping and branch switching.​
  • Visual Studio Live Share, for collaboration, is installed by default. Live Share can be used for pair programming, conducting code reviews, presentations, or “mob programming” during hackathons.​
  • Search has been improved for menus, commands, options, and installable components.​
  • A document indicator is provided to understand code file “health,” which developers can run and configure through a one-click code cleanup.​
  • Developers can save a collection of code cleanup fixers as a profile, to be run during cleanup.​
  • .Net Core projects can be configured more easily with first-class project...​
Lapy has released version 1.10 of PS4 Xplorer, this version fixes some Polish phrase's as well as the following:

  • Adds support for 4.55, 4.75 and 5.01.
  • Reads information from .sfo and .pkg files.
  • Add's support for .dds files.
View Forum Article For Download...
@TheheroGAC has released an application that backs up your PS Vita License file:

] View Forum Article For Download...
@joel16 has released ElevenMPV a music player for the PS Vita that plays these audio formats:

  • FLAC
  • IT
  • MOD
  • MP3
  • OGG
  • S3M
  • WAV
  • XM
View Forum Article For Download...
PS Vita hacker/modder/Reverse Engineer TheFlow has released information on the upcoming Jailbreak/hack for PS Vita's on firmware 3.70, below i will detail what you need to do, make sure you do these things or you will lose out on having a Jailbreak on the latest firmware as this will get patched.

TheFlow will release this exploit in six to eight weeks, if he released it now it would be patched on Monday and a lot of people would lose out on this, this two month time frame should give you plenty of chances to do the following:
  1. If you are on 3.69, either update or use the proxy method.
  2. Access the PS Store on your Vita.
  3. Download a PSP or Mini game, demo's will work, if one does not exist in your region you will have to buy one, though most of you should already have a PSP game.
  4. Make sure the game works.
  5. Install QCMA and backup the game.
  6. Wait six to eight weeks for the release.
For full info check TheFlow's information article here:...
April the 1st is known in most places as "April Fools Day", it's the day when you can play a prank on someone, then you and that person can laugh about it after when you realise how stupid and silly the prank was, you see that is the whole point, a little bit of harmless fun, but Sony takes that crap to a whole other level and basically uses the day as a "**** You Fan's" day.

Lest take a trip down memory lane with this one, on the 1st of April 2010, Sony released firmware 3.21, this firmware was the OtherOS killer, after months of telling us they would support OtherOS, the bitches turned round and said "**** you PS3 owners, we taking yo crap", then we move a little in time to 2015, when Sony switched off PS Home, now there are probably other shitty things they have done on this date, but lets talk about April 1st 2019.

Sony has stated that they will stop selling digital download's via retailers, from that date you will no longer be able to get a game in digital format from any retailer, this is a bad thing as it will stop people getting these games at a cheaper price, especially at places like CDKeys, we will still be able to buy digital currency via retailers, though Sony are the shady type of company that would stop that too, here is a quote from the source:

Notable non shitty occurrences for this date:
2012 -...
Leeful one of the developers behind X-Project has released his own Exploit Host software, it is something he had been working on before he started to collaborate with DefaultDNB on X-Project, here is a quote from the source:

View Forum Article For Download...
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