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The highly-anticipated PC port of Death Stranding is getting a "First Edition" release in Japan, which comes with a Steelbook case, digital art, original soundtrack, and exclusive in-game bonuses.


The game itself will come in the form of a code, redeemable via Steam.


People from overseas can get this version of the game by ordering from retailers that operate within the land of the rising sun.

Source: Micky
After a long delay, The Atooi Collection may finally be getting its long-awaited physical release thanks to Limited Run Games.

But nothing is final yet until Nintendo approves a few things prior to the game's manufacturing process.

Source: Micky
Brazil's Independent Games (BIG) Festival, Latin America's largest gaming-centric gathering, is about to launch this year as a digital-only event. That is, in response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.


The event will officially begin on June 22, 2020 until June 26, 2020.

Registration is now up.

Early registrants will get exclusive perks prior to the actual event.

Source: Micky
Mario Kart Tour, the free-to-play mobile version of the popular Mario Kart franchise, has just got a massive update with the "Jungle Tour."

The update brings together Funky Kong and Dixie Kong as additional characters as well as a new racing vehicle called Rambi Ride into the game.

Source: Micky
Nintendo has just released a new firmware update for Nintendo Switch family systems

Here's the official changelog:
Here's a more detailed - unofficial changelog:
This translates to
Atmosphere should work right off the bat if you update to 10.0.3.

Nintendo is kicking off Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament for North America online on May 30, 2020 and will grant four emerging winners games and DLCs as rewards.

The event will launch every week until June 21, 2020.

Not necessarily the grandest in terms of prize, but might be well worth the engagement.


Source: Micky

In light of the rumors claiming that there's an up and coming new season installment for Telltale Games/Skybound Games' The Walking Dead, the developers claim that it is not happening and that the series is "not coming back."

The Walking Dead: The Final Season indeed has to be taken literally it seems.

Source: Micky

Review code provided by the developers



A Fold Apart is a puzzle game with nice colorful graphics and a story about "making it work".


In A Fold Apart you fold the very fabric of existence to solve puzzles while the story progresses in between the puzzle sections.


The story begins with our 2 protagonists, which recently became romantically involved.

After having spent an undefined amount of time together our blue protagonist gets a job offer in the city and so him/her moves out while leaving our orange protagonist behind...


They, of course, stay in contact and this is where the "hardships of long-distance relationships" theme comes into the picture.

As time goes on they find that things (feelings) don't translate well into text form...


Will you be able to "make it work"?


The puzzles themselves are very samey.

You can, fold and turn the level in different directions which does spice things up a bit.

The way this works is as follows, there will be obstacles in your path and by folding the level you can avoid them or create a path to the goal.


It is a noble concept but I feel that they could have tried to do more with it, at the same time maybe it's a good thing that mostly all you have to do is fold - since that mechanic is already hard to get a hang on.


In between levels you'll get these story sections where the main characters are texting each other, you can pick what message you want to send to the other character, this, however, doesn't seem to affect the story.


Music and sounds

The soundtrack is nice and peaceful...

I'd say it fits very well

The sound effects are also pretty good.

What I liked:

20200428172729_1.jpg ...​

Nintendo confirms that around 160,000 Nintendo Accounts were illegally accessed

Hackers were able to see the nickname, email address, country, and birth date associated with the account, as well as make purchases with credit cards and PayPal accounts.

In order to address the issue, Nintendo has disabled the ability to access Nintendo Accounts using Nintendo Network IDs, and has reset the passwords of every Nintendo Account that might have been affected by the breach.


Furthermore, if you were using the same password for your Nintendo Account and your Nintendo Network ID, Nintendo says hackers would have been able to use whatever balance was remaining on your account as well as your registered credit/debit card or PayPal account to make purchases from the Nintendo Store and Nintendo eShop. If you find an unauthorized transaction on your account, get in touch with Nintendo to have the money refunded.


Nintendo says that hackers couldn’t actually access your credit card information, thankfully.


The root of the problem appears to be the Nintendo Network ID, if you don't have a Nintendo Network ID linked to your account then you should be fine but you should consider activating 2FA on your Nintendo account.
Super Mario Maker 2 is getting a new update, it will be called the World Maker Update

You can now make your own maps! This new update also adds new and returning powerups to the game.

The Koopalings return too!


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is also getting a new update, it will be called the Nature and Art Update

Hatsune Miku Project Diva: Mega Mix releases May 15th in the US and Europe

The game contains a total of 101 songs.

The game was released in Japan earlier this year and has so far received a positive response from Japanese players.

Bandai announced via Twitter that Jump Force is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year

Jump Force is coming to Nintendo Switch in the shape of "Jump Force Deluxe".

Despite it having "deluxe" on the title, this version of the game will NOT include all the DLC, it will only include the first character pack.

Crysis is getting a Remaster and it is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and XB1


Guess we'll find out soon.


Possible Data Breach at Nintendo


Over the last month, many users have reported issues with their Nintendo Account, suspicious login attempts from places like Russia, France, and India have been plaguing Nintendo players.

The cause and origin of this supposed data breach is still unknown at the moment and Nintendo hasn't commented on the matter, we recommend people to enable 2FA on their account just in case.

Update on the situation:

it seems Nintendo is now investigating...​
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