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Hi guys, today is my birthday, so i thought i would give you all a little gift.

If you know me or know anything about me, you will know that i used to write news for a now defunct scene website called PS3HaX, whilst i was there i started a thread cataloguing the scene history of the PS3, i decided to turn it up a notch and write about the entire history of the PS3, soon the forum thread became too small to write about the entire history of the PS3.
So i decided to buy a domain and install a WordPress blog and PS3History was born, this site was my pride and joy, this was something i was immensely proud of, i had contributed something awesome to the scene, something that people could go back and read, i even released it as an eBook.
However PS3History was missing something, links or sources back to the piece of history that was spoken about, this is something i had to acknowledge and i vowed to source as best i could in any future Console Histories i created.
Creating and documenting a complete history of something is extremely tiresome and monotonous, searching through years and years of Google and Wayback Archives was the hardest and most difficult part of creating PS3History and i did it all on my own, sadly i haven't updated PS3History in about three years, this is because i have been busy with my own forum and other websites, as well as with my activism on Twitter.

Fast forward to March 2018 and developer MrNiato asked where PS4History was, so i started work on creating the same type of WordPress Blog that i did with PS3History, however this time i would not be doing it on my own, i got together with MrNiato, ConsoleHaX and Derf, we worked on some aspects on and off for a couple of months, then it completely stalled until i decided to take a break from the scene half way through April 2019 and get stuck into creating PS4History.
The history is not quite...
mGBA emulator for PS4 by Znullptr (aka dmiller423) that was packaged by SWIM. This is not the retroArch (ps2) version. This is a native emulator for PS4. It's still very rough and takes a little bit of work to get it working, but it's still pretty cool.

Must use hen 2.0 & less than 15 roms.

P.S. I'm almost at 1,000 subs on YouTube, please consider subbing. Thanks!

View Forum Article For Download...
You read the title correctly, we now have the ability to run Homebrew on all PS3 consoles, last night PlayStationHaX admin @zecoxao announced on Twitter the release of PS3Hen, he was given the files to release by an anonymous developer.

For those of you out of the loop on scene terminology, the word HEN is an abbreviation Homebrew ENabler, with PS3Hen you will be able to run homebrew and backup managers on PS3 slims above 2.5K and Super Slim consoles. View Forum Article For Download...

We've seen one Switch overclocking app get updated a couple of days ago and now the other major one got some new features too! sys-clk 0.12.0 has been released and is brought to you by team RetroNX (specifically @p-sam @m4xw and @natinusala).

The update may seem small at a first glance but there's more than meets the eye: first of all, the config loading function has been rewritten to make it faster and it now supports storing more profiles, which will prove especially useful for future updates. More interestingly, however, the tool now officially supports pm late loading, as some unnecessary code which didn't make it possible before has been removed. If you ask yourself why should you care about this last point as an end user, it's because it means you can now use the Kosmos Toolbox to late load sys-clk without rebooting your console!

If you want to read more about what's new, the full official changelog is as follows:

@JK_ 's Switch overclocking app Freebird has just received an update, marking the release of version 0.9.1 (beta). The new version attempts to fix the sleep mode bug, adds a new GUI for its Freeset companion app, includes four new profiles (as well as a Global one which takes priority above all others), gives you the choice to maintain your defined clock speeds when waking up from sleep and also allows you to save your config between reboots.

All of the new features and changes mentioned above can also be found in the official changelog:
Freebird 0.9.1 (Beta)
  • Attempted sleep mode fix
  • Ability to control whether clock speeds are maintained when waking up from sleep
  • New GUI
  • 4 Different power profiles + Global profile that overrides all.
  • Ability to save config for reboots.
For Atmosphère users, it's highly recommended to update to version 0.8.6 (or later) before installing the homebrew, as it includes a fix for a bug that was present in previous versions which would lead to crashes when overclocking the CPU.

Don't let your calendars decieve you: it may not look like so, but today is actually June 15th! @SciresM and the rest of the team have just pushed yet another update to his Switch Custom Firmware, version 0.8.7, aka the fourteenth official release.

A good number of bugs were fixed, some related to the fatal sysmodule, others with the loader causing errors while launching specific games, but there are also new features and improvements too: SHA256 is now hardware accelerated (which should bring a performance improvement whenever it's used), a couple of extensions were implemented in smcGetInfo, additional instructions were added to dmnt:cht doubling the number of values that can be stored, better crash detection and reporting is now possible thanks to usermode exception handlers being enabled in Exosphère and, most importantly for end users, a save redirection feature is now available, allowing users to redirect savegames to the SD instead of the NAND.

This last highlight is completely optional and it needs to be enabled by setting atmosphere!fsmitm_redirect_saves_to_sd to 1 in system_settings.ini. Still, users should be advised that the feature is experimental and should be enabled at their own risk. It's a good idea to back up your saves if you do so!

On a last note, it should be underlined that save redirection is not emunand, but a separate feature that may work alongside it once the latter gets released.

As usual, you can read the full changelog below:
The following was changed since the last release:
  • A few bugs were fixed that could cause fatal to fail to show an error under certain circumstances.​
  • A bug was fixed that caused an error when launching certain games (e.g. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice).​
    • Loader had support added in ams-0.8.4 for a new...​

Released earlier this year on PCs and PS4, the latest installment to the hack-and-slash series God Eater will soon land on the Nintendo Switch! The port was announced by Bandai Namco today. The Switch version will support co-op multiplayer battles and online ones with up to 8 players

GOD EATER 3 comes to Nintendo Switch on July 12th, 2019. In the meantime, you can read our review for the PC version and have an idea as to what to expect.
Developer Lapy has released a Media Player for the PS4, it plays .mp4 and .mkv file.

Sadly none of the files i tried actually worked, which is forgivable as this is a very early beta.


The .avi didn't show up, which was expected as this file is not supported.
The .mkv didn't show up, this was not expected as this file is supported.
The .mp4 showed up minus the Russian text, however when it was selected to play it froze the application.

I will give other files a try in a while, in the meantime you can grab the download here: View Forum Article For Download...
PS4 Homebrew Store
"What if your Downloads came to you?"


- Downloads and Installs Apps whatever you want to add
- Built-in Updating System no need to reinstall the Store PKG every Update
- Optimized for Slow Networks
- Hand Picked Software Libraries
- Light PKG Size about 10 MBs
- HDD Download Cache By Default
- When at Main Menu O goes to the page before
- INI Saving System with Native Floating Keyboard
- Uninstall APPs straight from the Store DL Page


- Shows if your INI is loaded from APP or USB


- Temp Path
Select your Download tempory Path

Host your Own custom CDN using the guide posted or use anyone else's CDN

- Background Path
Choose your own Custom Background PNGs ONLY, Background must be 1280x720

- Load INI from either USB or APP

APP INI Path - /user/app/NPXS39041/settings.ini

USB INI Path - /mnt/usb0/settings.ini

- Copies INI from USB to APP every APP Launch

Custom Backgrounds


Easy n Simple Downloads


User-Friendly Error Dialogs

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  1. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.
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