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2 reviews on the same day? Sure, why not?


Time for another blog style review, this time I'll be reviewing Xenoblade Chronicles 2!


But first a small introduction to the game's story and some clarifications

The story goes something like this:


maxresdefault (5).jpg
(Xenoblade 1's intro cutscene)

No wait, wrong game, that's Xenoblade Chronicles 1

Ok, for real now

The story goes something like this:

People live in titans, some are big, some are small, the small ones are usually used as transportation. Titans are starting to die out and once they all die there will be nowhere left to live, for you see, the world is made up of an endless sea of clouds and there's no land aside from the titans.


Anyway, Rex is a salvager, he salvages stuff from the old world and sells it for a living, he lives on a small Titan, Rex calls this titan "Gramps" (his real name is Azurda), after salvaging some stuff he and gramps head over to sell the salvaged goods when Rex reaches the trade guild he is presented with a big job opportunity.


Without even hearing the details of the job Rex accepts, A man named Jin, and another guy named Malos require the help of many salvagers to salvage something big, very big, this item turns out to actually be a ship, inside the ship Rex encounters the legendary BLADE (a blade is kind of a weapon, they can have many shapes but most are humanoid or animal, these humanoids are not weapons themselves, however, they can summon their weapon or weapons at will and are experts in combat, these individuals also posses other abilities), the Aegis, he's afterwards backstabbed by Jin and then he dies, except not really....​
Review code provided by Sometimes You

Breeder Homegrown

Today's review comes in the shape of a mini-review.

Breeder Homegrown is an RPG Maker like experience similar to games like The Witch's House or Yume Nikki (Classic RPG maker horror games).

It's a very short game but so much happens in such a small amount of time.

So. Much.


The game features pixel graphics and a story that will keep you hooked until the very end, the game makes use of some interesting color choices and use of lightning to emphasize the story's tone and atmosphere.


At first, it may seem weird but then you start to think it's cool and fitting for the game.

The story revolves around David, an old man who after escaping from a clinic goes back to his home and starts to remember his childhood, there's a lot more to the story than just that, on this journey down memory lane you will start to unravel the mysteries of David's past all while you discover who this "buddy" of David is.


I was hooked and wanted to know how it would all end.

One thing I didn't like was that the game was very "silent" but I guess that makes it all the more unsettling.

The ending was unexpected but I am not gonna spoil it for you.

I like this part where you have to sneak around to get to the garden, it changes the gameplay a bit and for such a short game I think that's good.

For a pixel art game there are some very cool effects here and there too, like when you stop reminiscing and get back to reality the walls and everything is distorted and sorta moves, I thought that was cool.


The game doesn't obscure things in general, it's pretty blunt and clear about things which is something I appreciate.

I don't wanna spoil it to anyone so I am trying not to say much about the story.

Is David just a crazy old man?
That's up to...​
Luigi's Mansion 3, as the name implies, is the third title in the long-running Luigi's Mansion series. Luigi has finally made it jumps to glorious HD after many years, the first game released on the Nintendo GameCube and was a launch title for the system, it was meant to showcase the system's capabilities, before Luigi's Mansion 3, Luigi got a new game on 3DS and also a remake of the first game for the Nintendo 3DS. Over the years the series has gained a lot of popularity and internet fame due to its many secrets, mysteries surrounding its development and easter eggs. Does Luigi's first own game on the Nintendo Switch shine or does it sink like Gooigi down the drain?


What's New? What's old? Memories from the past

We all know and love Luigi's Mansion, that one game where you suck up ghosts and save your brother (who was trapped inside a painting by King Boo) with the help of professor E.Gadd, who is a paranormal investigator/scientist/inventor/crazy genius, yup?

Well, Luigi's Mansion's main objective and story repeat themselves here

Luigi's Mansion 3 starts us off with the whole party (Mario, Peach and of course our scaredy-cat plumber pal, Luigi) heading on a trip to a hotel referred to in the game as "The last resort" (clever name), they received an invitation from a ghost named Hellen whom invited them to visit the hotel, now doesn't that remind you of something?

(Luigi's Mansion NGC)

Anyway, after reaching the hotel Hellen welcomes the whole party, the hotel looks nice, after all is said and done Hellen shows everyone to their room so they can rest. After Luigi reaches his room he almost immediately falls asleep (Sweet dreams pal).


After a long nap, Luigi wakes up to an almost unrecognizable version of the same room he was in just a while ago, how is this possible? Well, it turns out the pretty looking hotel was all just an...​


I am the main developer of UDKUltimate Engine, a custom build of Unreal Development Kit (UE3) which allows anyone to develop and play a game on PS3, XBOX360 and PC.

This is the site of this project: sites dot google dot com slash view slash udkultimate

Just do a google search UDKUltimate Engine and you can confirm that this is not fake, this project is online from since 2017, many people already downloaded and did enjoy this Engine.

From since I finished this project in 2017, I am dedicating myself on a personal project, a game I am developing in UDK Ultimate Engine, which I am going to soon publish here some trailers and a free demo for anyone to download.

So whenever I recently finished the demo for PC, I began to optimize it for Consoles (XBOX360 and PS3). So as you may know, I own a PS3 4K model (Super Slim 12GB), the legendary "unhackable" model, it was until recently.

Thanks to the efforts of PS3Xploit team, and many other PS3 Scene Devs, now anyone can enjoy homebrew games and apps on any PS3 through the installation of PS3HEN (which is stands for Homebrew Enabler).

So I after I installed PS3HEN on my PS3, i tried to run my game, it did not work, so after investigating and asking my friends of PS3 Scene, I learned that I had to do some changes on the EBOOT.BIN resign process so it will be able to run on PS3HEN.

So I did it, and got this working!!!!! This video however is showcasing the UDKUltimate Sample Game which I included on UDKUltimate Engine Download (I want to avoid spoilers on my game :biggrin:). Sorry for the bad quality of this video, it's because I can't capture footage from PS3, I don't have a HDMI capture card, only a shitty EasyCap :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:. So I used my old Smartphone just to show to anyone that it is working, and is not fake news :biggrin:

And nothing more just than sharing with everyone this new EBOOT.BIN, so...​
I am sure most of you have heard about the PS4 Emulator Orbital by , you probably won't have heard of SPINE though, which is a new PS4 Emulator.

Spine is not as advanced as Orbital, it does things a little differently though as it doesn't have a GUI, i do not know a great deal about it or what makes it different than Orbital, but some well known sceners and devs have validated it.

Source 2
The awesome Hideo Kojima has announced that the 8th of November is the release date of his much anticipated new game called Death Stranding.

The game has well known actors such as Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, providing both their voice and their likeness, a full cast list can be found here:

Hideo Kojima stated this:

And then he shared a new video:

The ACCC is an abbreviation for the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, these guys are taking Sony Europe to court for what they allege "are false or misleading representations to Australian consumers on its website and in dealings with Australian customers of its PlayStation online store".

Here is a quote from the source:

Thanks @NeoSabin

Released earlier this year on PCs and PS4, the latest installment to the hack-and-slash series God Eater will soon land on the Nintendo Switch! The port was announced by Bandai Namco today. The Switch version will support co-op multiplayer battles and online ones with up to 8 players

GOD EATER 3 comes to Nintendo Switch on July 12th, 2019. In the meantime, you can read our review for the PC version and have an idea as to what to expect.

Some months back, Sony promised the release of one of the most requested features for PSN for many years: The ability to change your PSN ID. After a few months, and some testing with the PS4 Preview Program, Sony has announced today that finally, all users will be able to change their PSN IDs later today, April 10th, 2019.

Along with the announcement, Sony released a small FAQ that answers many questions about how online ID changes will work, notably:​
  • The first name change will be free, with any preceding name changes costing $9.99, or $4.99 if you're a PS+ subscriber.​
  • Old IDs are not freed for other users to chose.​
  • You can revert your new ID to your old one for free, if you don't like your new one.​

As noted previously by Sony, there are some caveats with changing your PSN ID: some online games may not function correctly with your new online ID, with no guarantees for any game released before April 1st, 2018. Sony has released a list of games with no issues, and those with some known issues, which can be found here.

The ability to change your username will become available later today, likely around the time Sony updates the PSN Store, and can be done either directly on your PS4 or via any web browser by logging into your PSN profile.

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