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It has been about six weeks since PS3Hen was revealed to the world, this exploit made all PS3's including Super Slims hackable, which meant that those unhackable consoles could now enjoy everything a CFW user has been enjoying for years, the developers behind it have been working away to improve it and make it better and today the exploit see's it's seventh release/update, here is what is new/fixed in this version:

View Forum Article For Download...
It was last Thursday, less than a week ago that Sony decided to release the unimportant firmware 6.70, today they release 6.71, did they break something in 6.70 and had to fix it, or did they find something and had to patch it?

Image Source
@DEFAULTDNB and Leeful have updated their child friendly Exploit Host PureHEN to version 1.3, which includes SiSTR0's recently released HEN:

You can download and host it yourself here: View Forum Article For Download...
SiSTR0 has updated his PS4 HEN Payload to version 2.11, which fixes the black screen in Rest Mode and spoof's the firmware version to 6.70.

Features View Forum Article For Download...
@AlexAltea has released information on the latest Orbital update, such as having the ability to use a DualShock 4, you can find more information and progress on the emulator in the video below

The awesome Hideo Kojima has announced that the 8th of November is the release date of his much anticipated new game called Death Stranding.

The game has well known actors such as Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, providing both their voice and their likeness, a full cast list can be found here:

Hideo Kojima stated this:

And then he shared a new video:

The ACCC is an abbreviation for the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, these guys are taking Sony Europe to court for what they allege "are false or misleading representations to Australian consumers on its website and in dealings with Australian customers of its PlayStation online store".

Here is a quote from the source:

Thanks @NeoSabin
Sony have released a firmware update for the PS4 that brings us the fabled "stability", which basically means that it brings us nothing.

Note that i originally intended to post this on Thursday, sorry for the delay >.<
I made this a few years ago to see what was involved in publishing an app on the play store.
I forgot i had the source and found it last night so i made it compatible with Windows/PS4.
Again this was a tech demo more than a polished game but it should be fully functional.

Gary Griswold is the worlds most notorious salad dodger. Eat as much junk food as possible and avoid the salad and healthy foods or pay the price.
When your Shartometer is full its game over so stay safe and eat those burgers and kebabs.

PS4 Version

Windows Version
Welcome to the New Store Update - Labelled (1-1/2 Month Update)

Normal Users:

The Store will auto-apply the Update No action needed

How to Update your CDN

Replace your Homebrew.elf with the Latest from the Release Section of this Github

  • - [Settings] Now when you change Temp. path it will try to create the folder or see if it exsists
  • - [Settings] if Temp Path is invild it will show you a message and change to default path
  • - Game DL Page also checks Temp. Path before Download
  • - Added black bk to every Main Menu Pics
  • - New Navbar added to gamedl page WITH new cords
  • - Background FTP
  • - Remote PKG installation via FTP
  • - White Box outline UI
  • - upon Download 1 Buzzer beep and Blinking light
  • - Upon Cancel or Finish download white LED reset
  • - Added the Following Options
    • 1. Fan Control
    • 2. Game Explorer
    • 3. Page Selector
  • - Fixed Page selector Bug
  • - Main Menu Title and Author text limit changed to 10 and 11 characters
  • - Game Explorer
    • 1. See installed games
    • 2. see Title id
    • 3. see Game details
    • 4. see amount of installed Games
    • 5. see game Splashs
  • - Added Support for 512x512 icons
  • - now Main Menu and Game DL Page can both use the same 512x512 icon0.png with Backwards Comp.
  • - New Navbar
  • - Uninstalled Button on DL page moved from Sqaure to Triangle
  • - Page Selector has NUM Pad instead of Keyboard
  • - Code Cleaned to improve load times
  • - CDNs no longer need to put size as the App calcs the size for you
  • - **BETA ONLY** Added beta...
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