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PS4 Database Rebuilder by @Zer0xFF

One of the greatest developers in the PlayStation 4 Hacking & Homebrew scene has released a very handy tool called PS4 Database Rebuilder.

The tool will rebuild your database and at the same time readd any fpkg you had before the rebuild to the database and this makes it very superior to Sony's database rebuild program.


How to use - Spoiler thread.

After the 5.55 firmware, the 6.00 firmware will arrive soon but for now you can register to download the beta firmware that will be available soon. Enter your PSN name and you may receive an email if you are allow to test the beta in a few days.

You can register until the 27th July and you need an american or japanese PSN account !
Register or to view Spoiler content!
This is not my upload I did not make the patch. It was made by ps4miner.

Posting this at ps4miner's request: This is a patched version of official PS4 Media Player 3.50 (VR supported) so it can play music and video on non PSN-activated console.

Will work only on 5.05/5.07 FW because it includes a kexec part with hardcoded offsets (sorry <5.05 guys, my bad).

Running on other than supported FW will make console to reboot.

Also do not forget to turn On MPEG-2 switch at "Debug Setting -> License Activation". Player is checking for it.

It's not the best variant of fixing this app, but it works for now (as a temporary solution).

Basically patch does two things:
  1. It escalates privileges for the mplayer's process, so it can freely access the stuff it wants.
    • *sonyCred = 0xffffffffffffffff; // sceSblACMgrIsSystemUcred
    • *sceProcType = 0x3801000000000013; // sceSblACMgrGetDeviceAccessType
    • I'm not sure if both patches are necessary. Probably second one is enough, too lazy to check.
  2. It patches SceMusicCoreServer process in memory.
    • Function at SceMusicCoreServer+0x3640 will now always <return 0>.
5.07 FW is unchecked but it almost certainly working (at least video should).

Credits: jkpatch and ps4-hen-vtx
Hello, Today I'm releasing PS4 Game Updater 2.3


It creates Logs of everything it does in the Program created Folder "Logs"

It creates a Database of ALL Cusa searches for your future reference which includes


"CUSA00002": {
"01.81": {
"packageDigest": "
"pieces": [
"fileOffset": 0,

and is located in the program created folder "Data".........
Hello, Today I will show you how to install OMSK Kiosk on PS4 5.55 OFW No Hacks


USB FAT32 Only!! (with at least 2GB of free space)

0) Extract EXPORT.zip to your Desktop (Download below)

1) then copy the "EXPORT" Folder from your Desktop to USB under "Root USB -> PS4 -> EXPORT -> BACKUP -> 201807020206_00 -> archive.dat

2) Plug USB into PS4 and Go to [Settings] > [System] > [Back Up and Restore].

3) Select Restore PS4

4) Select the back-up file "OSMK For 5.55"

5) You'll see a screen that tells you that the system will restart and initialize whether or not the back up process is completed.

Choose [Yes] to continue

6) After XMB has Shown you can start OMSK


Boot up OMSK and you have it :)

Warning, it may try to update your PS4 on any other version than 5.55
Today, TheFlow has released the full stack 3.68 jailbreak for Vita codenamed "h-encore" its entry point is no longer the browser but instead an App/Game but the downside is that its lacking Enso (boot exploit)

What does this mean?
It means now EVERY PSVITA Device is jailbreak-able, if you're on 3.60 stay there as only that and 3.65 has the Enso boot exploit and NOT 3.67+

How do I get it and install it?
to quote from his GitHub
Here is a trainer for PS4 that I have been working on and it is not 100% just like PS4 modding isn't. I will NOT be adding GTA or COD to this tool. I hope everyone likes it and finds it helpful.

It is possible these cheats work for different CUSA's. Just have to try and see. If you make a working .cht file. (Pointers preferred) I will add them. I just need you to provide CUSA and game version.

[Hidden content]
I cannot stop you, but I do ask out of respect if you guys would not decompile my tool.................................
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