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After a trailer leaked online, fans noticed that the game just looks way too similar to the original, as in, not much was changed, crytek has responded to the backlash with the following statement:

The game is now expected to release "a few weeks" from now.

Here's the trailer in question:

If you have played the original then you can probably see where the complaints are coming from.​
Review code provided by the game's publisher (Thank you!)

"He lives on a pineapple under the sea!"

"For kids...?"

SpongeBob Battle For Bikini Bottom can be enjoyed by anyone, not just kids. But in a way, it feels like this game is more aimed towards a younger audience. The puzzles are pretty simple and the game isn't very challenging.

A game doesn't need to be hard to appeal to older audiences, but more experienced gamers may find the game to be a little too easy.

SpongeBob-SquarePants-Battle-for-Bikini-Bottom-Rehydrated.jpg 1587117323_684002_1587117368_album_grande.jpg

"Very F.U.N at its best. Tedious at its worst..."

When the game is at its best, it is very fun to play. You will find yourself swinging from side to side with Sandy's lasso and rolling around Bikini Bottom as SpongeBob morphed into a ball. However, there are some tedious situations here and there. You may have to re-do stuff that you already did such as having to open up a path again or enemies respawning because you died. Destroying and avoiding them can become quite tedious.

The slide sections are also extremely fun and a highlight, in my opinion, it is also worth noting that the boss battles, while fun, are also pretty easy.

SpongebobScreen.jpg spongebob-squarepants-battle-for-bikini-bottom-rehydrated-release-leaked.jpg

You can play as three different characters in this game. Each character plays differently. Patrick is slow, but he can carry heavy objects. Spongebob is light, but he can wall-jump and do many tricks with bubbles. Sandy can use her lasso to destroy enemies and swing from one place to another. She also attacks enemies with karate. Only SpongeBob and Patrick can body slam while only Sandy can reach some high places.

To switch between characters, you must get to a bus stop....​

Nintendo just rolled out the latest update to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which introduces a new feature and a slew of contents, including the anticipated new fighter from ARMS, Min Min.

The update also introduces new balance changes and Mii fighter costumes.

You can get the second Fighter Pass right now for 29.99$ or you can buy Min Min + the new stage (ARMS Arena) for 5.99$.

Source: Micky, Nintendo

Earlier today it was revealed that Shakedown Hawaii will be coming to Wii, Wii U systems, AND Steam.

The Wii U version will launch in August.

The Wii version launches on July 9th and will cost $30 USD.

Only 3,000 copies will be produced (for the Wii version at least) so make sure to grab yours as soon as preorders become available if you are interested.

Both versions will include the current updates and content.

It wasn't specified when the game will reach the Steam storefront and the site only lists the release date of the game as "coming soon".


Review code provided by the developers (Thank you!)

Dread Nautical, turn-based goodness with a great setting, characters, and story.


The game starts off with a cruiser getting lost in the mist and the narrator essentially foreshadowing the events that are about to unfold, after the introduction, we come to realize some passengers have become monsters and others have lost their memory (whatever character you pick is among those who have lost their memory), our objective is to try to gather the attention of another ship to rescue us but it quickly comes apparent that we are no longer on earth but rather are in another dimension and none is coming to help us.



The game presents us with survival gameplay and turn-based combat.

At the start of the game, you get to pick your character, each has different stats and abilities.

unnamed.jpg image.jpg Dread-Nautical_20200428214909-scaled.jpg

As you progress you'll find other survivors and they may join you depending on your interactions with them.

You'll gather resources, weapons, food, and other trinkets to upgrade your base and keep your team fed and powered up as you gather more companions, fight monsters, advance through the ship's many decks and try to uncover the mysteries surrounding the sudden memory loss of the ship's passengers...


When not in battle you can move freely but if a monster sees you then you are only allowed to move as many spaces as action points you have, in battle, you'll be able to use whatever weapon you find on your way, you have limited slots to carry items however so be mindful of which items you choose to keep.

2.jpg 04_conversation_drexler.jpg

The game can also be rather challenging even at the lowest difficulty....​
Review code provided by the developers (Thank you!)


Summer in Mara introduces us to Koa, a young girl that was abandoned at a young age and rescued by Yaya, an old fish lady.

Koa now lives with Yaya on a remote island and Yaya acts as her paternal figure.


At the beginning of the game, we are given a few tasks that introduce us to the game's main mechanics such as cutting down trees, fishing, that kind of thing...

Meanwhile, we see Koa interact with Yaya and we get to know them both a bit better.

After we have completed all tasks Yaya leaves in search of provisions, we are told we cannot go with her and we are left on our own.


Later Yaya fails to return home and we embark on our journey to find her.


The game's introduction is fairly well made, a bit slow but it made me wanna keep playing, in a way it reminds me of the introduction sequence in The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess in the sense that it has you do a few tasks and introduces you to important characters before you get to actually go outside the village and play the rest of the game.


Throughout your journey, you'll find out more about Koa and Yaya. What happened to Yaya? Why was Koa abandoned? it's up to you to find out

The World

The world of summer in mara is composed of many different islands in which you will find all kinds of people, fish people, humans, cat people...


I must say I really like the character design, it is rather charming.

The world is pretty big for an indie game and also really pretty, I must say that despite the game's lower resolution on Nintendo Switch I still think the game world is breathtaking.

The Gameplay

Nintendo has just recently rolled out an update to Pokemon Home which provides a slew of significant changes, including a problem that plagued the system for months since its release.

Consequently, users can no longer set impossible conditions when putting up trades in the app's global trading system.

For example, asking for a Cinderace below its normal evolution level.

Source: Micky
In just less than a week, Pokémon Sword/Shield players will get to experience additional content for the game via the Isle of Armor expansion which includes:​
  • A new island to explore​
  • New Pokémon and Pokémon evolutions​
  • Additional list of Pokémon capable of Gigantamaxing​
  • An all-new addition to the series, the "cram-o-matic" machine​
The DLC releases on June 17, 2020.

You can watch the following video for additional details on the Isle Of Armor DLC

Source: Micky
A slew of juicy information was extracted at the recently held podcast by German video game magazine, GameStar, which talked about the game's development status, gameplay elements, etc.

CD Projekt Red strives to work on the game, despite the constraints posed by COVID-19.

Source: Micky
After several months of causing havoc and killing "New Gods" on PC, run 'n' gun, roguelite shooter, Neon Abyss, is now coming to consoles.

The game was developed by indie developer, Veewo Games, and is being published by Team17.

Source: Micky
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